Welcome to the premier post from the Gold Stock Trader!

There’s a lot going on in the world right now, and the result is that precious metals have begun to catch fire pretty much as of January the 20th of 2016. Were you aware of that?

If this is going to be a lasting rally, and a new Bull Market in the metals, as many savvy research analysts are saying, then we can get out in front of that and make some tremendous money! Interested? I thought you might.

So, here’s the real deal. I have access to the most incredible analytical software in existence. The creator of the product will only let me use their name, if I request and secure their permission… I’m not willing to do that.

With this program, I am able to easily come up with those precious metals issues that will advance the best in this bull market.

If you have a means of looking into my selections, check them out further, and make your own decision! The idea is to acquire no more than 10 to 20 such issues, 15 being perfectly adequate.

Here are those that I am able to see as being the very best and worthy of purchase as of this day: SA, KSM, KGC, NGD, PAAS, RIC, EXK, AGI, AU, AUY, HMY, ABX, HL, AG and CDE.

These nearly all lifted off 1/20/16 and have advanced the best among all of the near 100 I am able to examine.

Check them out however you can, and get back and share your observations with all our readers here by means of a reply.

I’ll fully explain my manner of research and selection very soon!

Here’s to real wealth creation!
Harold F Crowell


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