We are going to do incredibly well!

Gold is assuming a brand new Bull Market as of 1/20/16. It’s still very early in its start, meaning the vast majority of the investor community, and their dollars, are not on to this as of yet. It’s only just getting started!

In my first two posts, I noted that I had discovered a means of finding the best issues. I have been knocking myself out to refine the process, and I have! Those issues breaking out into new highs, and on expanding volume need to be considered first.

Then, those breaking out into new highs, but NOT on expanding volume, or those expanding in volume, but not breaking out in price. And, finally, the laggards, those that are neither breaking out into new highs, or demonstrating expanding volume. Make sense?

Further, it would appear that those much smaller companies that are neither breaking out or expanding on volume, which probably should just be overlooked.

I have broken up the database of nearly 100 to those particular issues that are ‘looking good’ technically in their chart, and I have at least heard of in the past, so as to reduce the scope of my search.

Those that are just breaking out, and on expanding volume are: SA, NGD, PAAS, AGI, RIC, DRD, AUY, SAND and NG. If you were to acquire to hold any of these, I would highly recommend SA, PAAS, RIC and AUY.

Those that may have broken out, but not on big volume are: FSM, IAG, EXK, AKG, AU, KGC, NEM, BVN, CDE, HL, GG, SLW, RGLD, AEM and GFI. Don’t let the quantity of issues concern you, I’m going to refine this much further!

Finally, those issues that neither attained a new high, broke out, or even expanded on unusual volume: ABX, AG, HMY or FNV.

Now, we can refine this better, or more easily. First, we want the very best large cap producers. Then, we want gold royalty type firms.

For now, just to get started, you will definitely want shares of SA, Seabridge Gold, then, AUY, Yamana Gold, and also of the Royalty firm, RGLD, Royal Gold. Also, you’re really going to want to own an ETF of mining firms… and, the best, by far, that I have found is SGDM, the Sprott Gold Miners Fund ETF. Eric Sprott is a Canadian billionaire, and has personally selected the best gold miners for his exchange traded fund, and puts a good deal of his own money into it.

Remember, this is only just the beginning. We are only just getting started. Start accumulating some shares of these 4 at the very least, and just to get started. Believe me, you will be glad that you did! Going forward, I will be purposely thinning the herd of those I purchased, and placing those sales proceeds in a more and more concentrated fashion, as I determine the very best for our purposes… but, for now, the 2 miners, SA and AUY, the 1 royalty firm, RGLD, and the one ETF gold miner stock fund, SGDM, are truly among the very best to be had… get some! Chart them, especially in comparison with all others, and you’ll see why!

Here’s to generating real wealth!
Harold F Crowell


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