I only just caught on to what was happening last week. Could see it plain as day, and immediately jumped right on it during the day Friday.  Friday was a break-out day, and the beginning of something likely to be bigger, and today certainly did not disappoint!

Many more issues broke-out into new high territory, on big volume… issues like: CLGRF, FSM, ABX, PAAS, AKG, SA, NGD, AGI, RIC, AG, AUY, HL, NEM, CDE, EXK, NG, GOLD, AAU, MUX and VGZ.  I recently opened positions in 12 of those: FSM, ABX, PAAS, SA, NGD, AGI, RIC, AG, AUY, HL, CDE and EXK.

Others that have not broken out on volume, or may have had volume, but not broken out, are: AU, KGC, HMY, FNV and AEM. I have positions in 4 of those: AU, KGC, SLW and HMY, but these might become candidates for quick sale, in order to add more to the better companies later, except for probably SLW, it being a silver royalty company.

Finally, a company that does not seem to be breaking out, or rising on big volume, and should be passed over: GSV, which I do not hold.

Issues I have strongly advocated that you buy have been the miners SA and AUY; the royalty firm RGLD, and the gold miners ETF, SGDM. They still fit the bill in the very best way! The average gain of all my mining shares today alone was better than 6%!!! Yamana, AUY, rising more than 10%, and Seabridge, SA, better than 9%.

Here’s to real wealth creation!
Harold F Crowell


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