As would be expected after the move metals have made, they’re settling back a bit. How much, and for how long? I’ll see if I can’t arrive at some kind of an answer for that.

Let’s see what happened. First, some issues still managed to rise on big volume, like: RIC and EXK

One rose on light volume: AG

Most declined on the day, some on light volume, like: AUY, PAAS, ABX, HL, NGD, AU, CDE, AGI, SA, HMY, RGLD and SLW

And, others got dumped with some big volume, like: FSM, KGC and SGDM

That would be precisely the behavior you would expect to see when a light pause or correction is underway. Personally, I don’t expect this to be either long or deep. So, let’s see if it might be possible to add some more, maybe even before another week would go by.

I’m still of a belief that you could hardly do better, than if you concentrated on AUY, SA, RGLD and SGDM.

Here’s to some serious wealth accumulation!
Harold F Crowell


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