We’re in a Good Place!

Folks, gold is in a new bull market. This market is just getting underway. It commenced in January, by most analysis, on the 20th. It has since confirmed by all traditional means and measures, as I last wrote.

It has undergone a brief correction, which may go on longer, or, being as volatile as it is prone to be, it may even be over already… because, as more and more perceive a new bull market in gold, they’re going to be buyers of every dip in prices.

Let’s look at each issue, where those that rose on expanding volume are: RIC, AG, SLW,

Those that rose, but on lower volume: FSM, PAAS, HL, AUY, EXK, NGD, AGI, CDE, KGC, ABX, AU, SA, SGDM, HMY, GDX, RGLD and GLD.

None declined….

You may note that I have added GDX and GLD to the list, for a total of 20 issues to follow. The purpose is to track miners in general, and the price of gold in particular.

Listing the issues by how they performed each day is a means of tracking the progress of the movement. That nearly all rose, but on light volume, probably means that the correction is not yet over, as it will end as prices rise on expanding volume pretty much across the board. One of the ways you can tell that miners are in a Bull Market is that the price of the shares will typically outperform the price of the metal itself, rather than underperform, as it will during a bear market. Mining shares have definitely begun to outperform the metal, and by a good bit, too! We’re in a good place!

Here’s to your accumulation of real wealth!
Harold F Crowell



I was away all day and evening the 14th. This morning, just taking a quick look, it would appear we’re right on track, and the metals are correcting a bit, after their sharp run-up.

Those that actually rose on volume are… well, just one: RIC

Others that rose, but on light volume: FSM

Then any that fell back on expanding volume: PAAS, AG, AUY, KGC, SLW, GDX

And, any that delined on average or light volume: NGD, EXK, ABX, HL, SA, CDE, AU, AGI, SGDM, HMY, and RGLD

Every indication is that we should only be correcting. Price is in an uptrend. That uptrend has taken price thru their 50-day and 200-day moving averages. Their 50-day moving average has turned up, and has risen thru their 200-day moving average, called the Golden Cross. In each instance, the stock’s 200-day has also turned slightly upward. This completes the Bullish chart picture and pattern.

Now, as these issues correct their recent gains, we can watch them, and should expect them to find price support, as they back off, at levels like their 50-day moving average, or those places from which they previously broke out. That’s what I’ll be looking for, and calling them, as they might attain these levels, to see if they don’t begin to turn.

Of course, little of that is really necessary, as a charting, and a watching of the very price of gold itself is always the determinant that drives the price of these issues one way or the other.

Here’s to accumulating real wealth!
Harold F Crowell

Settling Back a Bit

As would be expected after the move metals have made, they’re settling back a bit. How much, and for how long? I’ll see if I can’t arrive at some kind of an answer for that.

Let’s see what happened. First, some issues still managed to rise on big volume, like: RIC and EXK

One rose on light volume: AG

Most declined on the day, some on light volume, like: AUY, PAAS, ABX, HL, NGD, AU, CDE, AGI, SA, HMY, RGLD and SLW

And, others got dumped with some big volume, like: FSM, KGC and SGDM

That would be precisely the behavior you would expect to see when a light pause or correction is underway. Personally, I don’t expect this to be either long or deep. So, let’s see if it might be possible to add some more, maybe even before another week would go by.

I’m still of a belief that you could hardly do better, than if you concentrated on AUY, SA, RGLD and SGDM.

Here’s to some serious wealth accumulation!
Harold F Crowell

We Pause, Do We Correct?

Metals moved little today, as did the mining shares. It’s been a sharp run-up, and it needs to pause, to either catch another breath, or perhaps to correct. But, if this is the new Bull Market in metals, it only serves as an opportunity to get aboard while prices are still cheap.

As for me, I think it’s a new bull, and I’ve added shares last week. They gained so quickly, this tells me it needs to take a breather before advancing further. So, how do they look? What are the charts saying are the best of the bunch?

Let me say right up front, that I see enough price charts that say today was a near-term topping day. Lots of intra-day reversals to the down-side, some bearish engulfing patterns, and some bearish dojis… looking at Japanese Candlesticks. No big deal. Just wait for them to back-up some, if they’re going to.

Those that managed to advance on big volume begins with my favorite: AUY, RIC, FSM, KGC, AG and SLW.

Those that advanced but on weak volume were: PAAS, AU, ABX, RGLD, HL, SGDM and CDE

And, those that reversed today, perhaps on big volume, and closed lower were: NGD, SA, HMY, AGI and EXK.

I have positions in all 18 of the above issues.

After only as few days, I have realized as large a gain as 16.3% in AUY, to as little as 2.2% in NGD. The average, though, has been 9.1% already! I have advocated most strongly for AUY, SA, SGDM and RGLD. They represent the best of the producing miners, with large reserves still in the ground, the best of the producing miners ETFs, and the best of the gold royalty firms.

Here’s to your acquisition of real wealth!
Harold F Crowell

Huge Day for Metals!

I only just caught on to what was happening last week. Could see it plain as day, and immediately jumped right on it during the day Friday.  Friday was a break-out day, and the beginning of something likely to be bigger, and today certainly did not disappoint!

Many more issues broke-out into new high territory, on big volume… issues like: CLGRF, FSM, ABX, PAAS, AKG, SA, NGD, AGI, RIC, AG, AUY, HL, NEM, CDE, EXK, NG, GOLD, AAU, MUX and VGZ.  I recently opened positions in 12 of those: FSM, ABX, PAAS, SA, NGD, AGI, RIC, AG, AUY, HL, CDE and EXK.

Others that have not broken out on volume, or may have had volume, but not broken out, are: AU, KGC, HMY, FNV and AEM. I have positions in 4 of those: AU, KGC, SLW and HMY, but these might become candidates for quick sale, in order to add more to the better companies later, except for probably SLW, it being a silver royalty company.

Finally, a company that does not seem to be breaking out, or rising on big volume, and should be passed over: GSV, which I do not hold.

Issues I have strongly advocated that you buy have been the miners SA and AUY; the royalty firm RGLD, and the gold miners ETF, SGDM. They still fit the bill in the very best way! The average gain of all my mining shares today alone was better than 6%!!! Yamana, AUY, rising more than 10%, and Seabridge, SA, better than 9%.

Here’s to real wealth creation!
Harold F Crowell

Why Is This Happening?

Precious metals are on a tear! Why? There may be a number of reasons, but the one that stands out right now is a particularly famous, and very large analyst and newsletter publisher is saying they are.

The largest analytical and financial publisher in the world has identified a new gold bull market, and has also warned of very serious economic world consequences that are causing this. When this gentleman speaks, many around the world listen, and they act. This may well be the prime catalyst of this present move… but, the real question is: Are his reasons valid and true? And, the answer to that question is, almost undoubtedly, a resounding… MAYBE, or even probably. But, the real issue is: Even if his reasoning is valid… is the TIMING correct? And, of course, as usual, as with all things of such a nature… we don’t, or can’t, actually know at this time!

Yes, there are very serious global economic and financial problems that exist at this time… and, yes, there seems to be a global revival of a new Bull Market in all things related to the precious metals, gold, and silver, but… simply because this man has said so, does that mean it is real, and it will last?!?!?!?

We can’t know the answer to the last question, but we can play it! Precious metals have, for all the world, appeared to have turned the corner, and entered into a brand new bull market, which will be marked as having commenced on 1/20/16. I stepped up and began to study this carefully, and have put my own money where my mouth is. It would appear to truly be the very earliest stage of a real Bull Market in the metals, since they peaked in the Fall of 2011, and I personally believe that all the reasons for the reversal and Bull in this market are valid, and so, I am trying to take a full advantage of it… and, I am blogging my observations about all of it right here. C’mon along… and profit!

Here’s to your serious wealth creation,
Harold F Crowell

Heavy Duty Research

We are going to do incredibly well!

Gold is assuming a brand new Bull Market as of 1/20/16. It’s still very early in its start, meaning the vast majority of the investor community, and their dollars, are not on to this as of yet. It’s only just getting started!

In my first two posts, I noted that I had discovered a means of finding the best issues. I have been knocking myself out to refine the process, and I have! Those issues breaking out into new highs, and on expanding volume need to be considered first.

Then, those breaking out into new highs, but NOT on expanding volume, or those expanding in volume, but not breaking out in price. And, finally, the laggards, those that are neither breaking out into new highs, or demonstrating expanding volume. Make sense?

Further, it would appear that those much smaller companies that are neither breaking out or expanding on volume, which probably should just be overlooked.

I have broken up the database of nearly 100 to those particular issues that are ‘looking good’ technically in their chart, and I have at least heard of in the past, so as to reduce the scope of my search.

Those that are just breaking out, and on expanding volume are: SA, NGD, PAAS, AGI, RIC, DRD, AUY, SAND and NG. If you were to acquire to hold any of these, I would highly recommend SA, PAAS, RIC and AUY.

Those that may have broken out, but not on big volume are: FSM, IAG, EXK, AKG, AU, KGC, NEM, BVN, CDE, HL, GG, SLW, RGLD, AEM and GFI. Don’t let the quantity of issues concern you, I’m going to refine this much further!

Finally, those issues that neither attained a new high, broke out, or even expanded on unusual volume: ABX, AG, HMY or FNV.

Now, we can refine this better, or more easily. First, we want the very best large cap producers. Then, we want gold royalty type firms.

For now, just to get started, you will definitely want shares of SA, Seabridge Gold, then, AUY, Yamana Gold, and also of the Royalty firm, RGLD, Royal Gold. Also, you’re really going to want to own an ETF of mining firms… and, the best, by far, that I have found is SGDM, the Sprott Gold Miners Fund ETF. Eric Sprott is a Canadian billionaire, and has personally selected the best gold miners for his exchange traded fund, and puts a good deal of his own money into it.

Remember, this is only just the beginning. We are only just getting started. Start accumulating some shares of these 4 at the very least, and just to get started. Believe me, you will be glad that you did! Going forward, I will be purposely thinning the herd of those I purchased, and placing those sales proceeds in a more and more concentrated fashion, as I determine the very best for our purposes… but, for now, the 2 miners, SA and AUY, the 1 royalty firm, RGLD, and the one ETF gold miner stock fund, SGDM, are truly among the very best to be had… get some! Chart them, especially in comparison with all others, and you’ll see why!

Here’s to generating real wealth!
Harold F Crowell

Many Breakouts First Day!

Wished I’d started this sooner, but hindsight’s always 20/20!

I was up all night last night trying to figure the best way to find the really finest gold and silver issues. There’s about 100 in my analytical program, and it’s easy enough to just buy HUI, GDX and GDXJ, and get many fine mining shares all in one ETF, but, well, you understand. If it’s possible to do better, perhaps even a lot better, you go for it, right?

I found that knowing the miners bottomed, and rose out of their low of 1/20/16, just charting them all, and looking for those that have exhibited the very best rally price patterns, and the most consistent gains, said to me that these were likely the better run, and ‘richer’ mining companies; with the more experienced management, and largest, most easily recoverable reserves.

In other words, I counted on others to do the real work, and I’d just let the charts tell me which were the best of the bunch. It would seem to be easier that way.

By comparing all those companies against the same chart pattern time frame of the those ETFs, it would seem to be nothing at all to finding the real cream of the crop. Make sense?

Well, my last post, which was also my first, I listed 15 that just had all the right chart appearance to me, and today, I actually did step up, and accumulate shares in each of them! Glad I did, too, as it would appear that maybe the sector is going to breakout to the upside! A pretty decent number did just today… I need to see what the volume looked like!

More specifics later…

Here’s to accumulating serious wealth!
Harold F Crowell

Gold Stock Trader

Welcome to the premier post from the Gold Stock Trader!

There’s a lot going on in the world right now, and the result is that precious metals have begun to catch fire pretty much as of January the 20th of 2016. Were you aware of that?

If this is going to be a lasting rally, and a new Bull Market in the metals, as many savvy research analysts are saying, then we can get out in front of that and make some tremendous money! Interested? I thought you might.

So, here’s the real deal. I have access to the most incredible analytical software in existence. The creator of the product will only let me use their name, if I request and secure their permission… I’m not willing to do that.

With this program, I am able to easily come up with those precious metals issues that will advance the best in this bull market.

If you have a means of looking into my selections, check them out further, and make your own decision! The idea is to acquire no more than 10 to 20 such issues, 15 being perfectly adequate.

Here are those that I am able to see as being the very best and worthy of purchase as of this day: SA, KSM, KGC, NGD, PAAS, RIC, EXK, AGI, AU, AUY, HMY, ABX, HL, AG and CDE.

These nearly all lifted off 1/20/16 and have advanced the best among all of the near 100 I am able to examine.

Check them out however you can, and get back and share your observations with all our readers here by means of a reply.

I’ll fully explain my manner of research and selection very soon!

Here’s to real wealth creation!
Harold F Crowell