Or silver… both metals lost just a little bit of their lustre today. Nothing serious. And, you would expect to see the miners go down, but we’ve a few gainers, despite metal’s decline. I would expect that our miners, again, most of which declined, would have done so on light volume, if the overall future outlook was still positive. So, let’s see what the charts might say!

I DO have gainers, but on light volume, like: CDE, RIC, PAAS, NGD and RGLD.

Then I’ve small losers on light volume, like: AG, FSM, PVG, EXK, AUY, AGI, KGC, HL, IAG, ABX, GDX, SLW, SLV and GLD.

There’s a gainer on average volume, like: SA.

There’s also a slight loser, but on big volume in SGDM.

The message is a bullish one. Though prices slipped back a bit today, volume was very light, and this says that there’s no real concern, and certainly no panic or rush to be getting out. Price support is still in place and holding, volume is light on the downside. And, while metals prices declined, at least 6 of our holdings advanced in price! The bullish case for gold still remains intact, and an opportunity to be a buyer exists during this lull, while share prices are steady.

Let’s see what Tuesday might hold.


Not liking what I see with the metals prices this morning. Will this be the straw that breaks the camel’s back? We’ll see by day’s end!

Here’s to your accumulation of real wealth!
Harold F Crowell


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