This was brought to my attention earlier Thursday… one way to know that we are very early into a new Bull Market in the metals, and that there is still likely a lot more money to be made in them is because the discount/premium between the price of the ETF, CEF, or Central Fund of Canada, filled with gold and silver, and its Net Asset Value, was recently as wide as a 12% discount just a few months ago, but that the discount has only closed up to about 5% of late…

However, when there is a truly bullish interest in the metals, CEF goes to a premium above its NAV, by as much as 10%, and at extremes, even more than 20%.

The very simple fact that the discount of CEF to its NAV has only recently been at its extreme of 12%, and has begun to close for the first time since metals’ last run in ’01 is another indicator that a new Bull in metals has commenced, and that we are still very early in this Bull run, so that we might have confidence that there will still be a lot more money to be made in the metals yet. Are you on board? Got Gold?

Here’s to your accumulation of real wealth!
Harold F Crowell


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