Intra-day update: I just looked in at 1:00 pm EST and was greatly surprised at the share price action of the miners, asking ‘What the???’

Then, I realized that the metals themselves had not moved much, but had backed off from where they had been earlier, even though they still showed a gain. Friends, this is profit-taking! You can do the same, if you have a lot and want to preserve it… but, if you believe, as I do, that this is a new bull market, and a lot of gain is still out there ahead of us… well, I’m just going to sit tight, and maybe add more later!



5 thoughts on “Profit-Taking!

      1. If you had no position in NUGT and were looking for a good entry, what signs would you look for? I definitely believe that gold will be on the rise. Thanks Harold. 🙂


  1. William, I have not taken a look at NUGT, but I will. I strongly suspect that any timing effort I am using right now for the metals and the miners I’m watching should apply equally as well with NUGT. I will look and see… and write up an entire post about it! Thanks, Harold


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