I’m relatively new to the metals in the sense I’m paying attention to them now. I actually thought that gold and silver moved in relative lock-step with one another. I’m quite surprised at the lower degree of correlation that exist between their two price movements than I had previously thought. Today… gold up some, but not a lot, and silver was down, and not by an inconsiderable amount either.

That said… we have a lot of green in our trading account today, and only a little red. Since this means that nearly everything pushed further into new high territory for this young Bull Market, I would think that the news of new highs might be drawing some new buying in, and with that, perhaps some higher volume, too. What will the charts say? We go right to them to see.

First, I like to see all of my miners moving at a pace that exceeds that rate at which the metals, the mining funds and the royalty firms are moving, and that’s what I am looking at today. That is usually the case.

I see green gainers on better-than-average volume in the likes of: MUX, newly acquired ASM, FSM, HL, IAG, SGDM, SLV, RGLD and GLD.

There are gainers on average volume, as with: SSRI, CDE, RIC, AG, ABX and PAAS.

I’ve got slight losers, but, on big volume in: PVG and SLW.

Even gainers on light volume, as with: AUY and GDX.

It wasn’t quite the day that I’d hoped for. The new highs of Friday, and the mostly new highs going on today would usually generate some excitement among newly aware investors and traders, resulting in greater volume than what I am seeing. Yes, it was 14% greater among all of them, on average, but that is not particularly meaningful.

In the final analysis, I have many new highs, and volume was at least adequate to say that some new interest has arisen. Perhaps, it’s better this way, that it only wakes up and come more alive slowly. Will there be more tomorrow?


10:00 pm EST. What’s happening? Thought I’d check in before bed… Gold’s up $12.10 since the 4:00 pm close, and silver’s up another $.30 to $20.22! Could be another real good day tomorrow!!!;-)


Whoa! Don’t look now, but as of 7:15 am EST… Gold UP $16 an oz.! Silver at $20.34!!! Something’s truly going down somewhere, and the media is NOT putting it out there… but, one by one, people are catching on to whatever it is, and fleeing to the security of metals. It’s REAL money!

Here’s to your accumulation of real wealth!
Harold F Crowell


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