I started concentrating very hard on the precious metals Friday, April 8… only 3 months ago. I have 32 years market experience, but never did I ever concentrate on one industry group, like I have these past 3 months in the metals. It has truly paid off in SPADES! Friday, 7/8, the metals prices closed up, and nearly all the miners did as well. Many are hitting new highs, and any that haven’t are very close to their previous highs. With this kind of price action, volume should be at least at their 50-day average, or higher, I would think. So, I go to the charts to confirm or change my opinion.

Those that closed higher, and on greater volume were: MUX, CDE, FSM’s volume was massive, AG, IAG, RGLD, GDX, SLV’S volume was 80% greater than average, and GLD’s was 42% greater!

But, others closed higher, but only on average volume as: ASM, SSRI, PVG, SLW,

Even some that did well, but on lesser volume! HL, PAAS, SGDM, AUY,

A loser, but on light volume… RIC,  and ABX declined on BIG volume.

The average volume among all these was only up 17%, so my thought that they may be catching fire, is not validated yet. This could mean that they might still run further, until truly huge volume confirms that way too many are chasing these to extremes… we can hang on, but traders should be tightening their stops even higher!

If I may be permitted to boast… just a bit. I now have 4 of my selections that have already doubled in these past 3 months. AG is up 135%. CDE is ahead by 113%. I see a 103% profit in FSM. And, HL has profited me by 106% already!

We’re outperforming the metals themselves, by looking closely at their miners. This strategy has always paid off in the past, and it’s working for us here. I hope you’ve joined in and are doing the same!


10:55 am EST Monday. You just KNOW somehting’s gotta be up, when gold is off more than $7, silver’s up $.12… and the miner’s are doing just fine! 😉

Here’s to your accumulation of real wealth!
Harold F Crowell


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