The prices of gold and silver rose today. Not by any great amount, but it was positive. Among the miners, I see approximately an equal amount of red as I do green. If they have behaved as they have for the past few weeks, volume is likely very light again today, too. Only as we go to the charts, will we know. I have substituted DRD for AUY in my account, and here in my analysis, as well.

I have gainers on light volume in: CDE, HL, MUX, FSM, ASM, PVG, PAAS, RIC, RGLD, SLV and GLD.

One rose on average volume, too: SLW.

And, I’ve got decliners on light volume in: DRD, SSRI, SGDM, ABX and GDX.

Well, there’s a decliner on average volume in: AG.

IAG fell on big volume again. I’m thinking maybe I should have sold that one. I need to look into it more…. I have a 65% profit in it, I should take it. No need to put up with an issue not acting right, when there are plenty of others well worth holding.

Average volume for all 19 was way off, by 35%. We are indeed still in the summer doldrums, but price is holding just fine. It’s been in a sideways consolidation for more than 2 weeks now. It’s a bullish development, and it some point, it will, most likely, resolve to the upside, with a new price breakout.

We’re in a good place. We got in early. We’ve gone for a nice ride, and we’re likely to profit a great deal more in the future yet. I follow this daily. The charts tell a story, and that story, to this point, is almost no one is on board with this Bull Market in metals yet… but, many more will! 😉

Here’s to your accumulation of real wealth!
Harold F Crowell


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