I’ve been fretting IAG lately. Of all my mining stocks, it had started to act crazy in the past week. It had been one of the best, when I first researched them in April, and that’s why I bought. But, just recently it had been moving on very big volume, and mostly to the downside. I don’t need any of these giving me grief, when there are so many others from which to choose.

So, I’ve sold IAMGold, bought at $2.96 and sold for $4.99, and I reaped a sizable profit. I’m not going to regret this sale, but, rather, I’m going to sit on the sale proceeds for a bit… probably no longer than even a week, and then, I intend to redeploy into another issue that I think best suits my purposes here.

I won’t do anything, but that I will report it to you all. I am doing all of this mining stock investing and trading in an IRA account. These sales and lovely gains are not taxable events.

Here’s to your accumulation of real wealth!
Harold F Crowell


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