In selling off what I did Tuesday, it is my intention to make some improvements in the service here. The first will be that it won’t be necessary, nor is it desirable, to acquire as many issues as I did when I started on Friday, April 8. Back then, I purchased some 15 miners, a couple of mining fund ETFs, and a couple of the mining royalty firms… nearly 20 issues altogether. That was not necessary. At the present time I hold 7 miners, as well as 2 miner funds and 2 royalty firms.

The miners I’m holding are AG, CDE, FSM, HL, PAAS, PVG and SSRI. The mining fund ETFs are GDX and SGDM. The 2 royalty firms are RGLD and SLW. As SGDM does perform better than GDX, as it was created to do, I will likely, at some point, eliminate that holding for more shares of SGDM.

Another consideration is that I am going to find some more ETFs that may serve better in the place of so many miners, by moving into shares of mining funds that are populated with what are termed the junior sized mining firms. Two that immediately come to mind are SILJ and Sprott’s SGDJ. This second choice especially intrigues me, as I strongly suspect that it will put us into more of the Canadian listed firms that we cannot as readily purchase here in the states, but have already been vetted and selected by Canadian natural resource billionaire, Eric Sprott, for inclusion in his fund.

As I make these few changes, I reduce the number of symbols I chart and read each day. I have had in the queue 20 or more in the past. At present, I have 16, which I deem to be more manageable.

With the next daily analysis, you will note these changes take place immediately.

Here’s to your accumulation of real wealth!
Harold F Crowell


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