So, I sold a lot Tuesday. Was that because I knew that today, Wednesday, we would get smashed? No, it was not. I sold at least 1/3 of my shares yesterday. I sold off 5 holdings entirely. I sold half my shares in all those that had better than doubled, and I retained all my shares in a few that I did not want let any shares go of. In total, I took a lot of my profits, and I cut a couple of my losses. To say that it was fortuitous would be an understatement. I got lucky. That’s all it was.

Beyond that, I have an old laptop with XP as its operating system. I have my ancient… I mean 24-year-old ancient, market timing software on it. This machine will never go on-line. It is dedicated only to running my OEXpert 7 Market Timing program. That program is now, as of Wednesday afternoon, up and running as it should… thanks be to God (and to my brother-in-law!)

Having updated the database with the past couple of days, including Wednesday’s hard hit, I’m going to say that I think we are beginning to approach the place where the indicators are going to soon line up and give a new low-risk market entry signal.

If I may get a little prescient here, I could see all the 7 indicators in the program saying that gold had wrung all its risk out within the next week, and if GLD were to decline to 125 or lower within just the next couple or three days, I’d be saying… Get your shopping lists in order, and wait for the turn, because it should be soon coming!

I’ll get back with my regular daily analysis later this evening…

Here’s to your accumulation of real wealth!
Harold F Crowell


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