I have a dedicated laptop that runs the MS XP operating system. And, I have the 1992 OEXpert 7 Market Timing Program running on it exclusively. It has been so good to call gold market bottoms, since the Bull Market in metals began earlier this year, that I should report on what it’s saying now.

First, it called a bottom in gold in 1.) late March/early April, 2.) end of May/first part of June, and 3.) again in the latter part of June.

Here it is, getting close to possibly signaling again. Where are the indicators right now?

As of the close of yesterday, Wednesday the 24th, the 7 indicators are as follows: The price of gold, as represented by the ETF, GLD, is between its trading bands in the program. The trading bands are moving up, as they are a function of moving averages of the price, and right now, the price has been moving down. It really needs to sell-off further into at least a price of $125 in order to signal in regard to the trading bands.

Then, there are 6 ‘black box’ F keys, 1 thru 6, that bring up different proprietary indicators that only this program has.

F1 is at 26 and falling, and it is close to giving a low-risk signal. It could do so in as little as 2 more days, I would think.

F2 looks to be at -3, and may already be signaling, but F2 has almost always been first and early, so I see that as an attention-getting signal saying the bottom may likely be getting close.

F3 is at 48 and falling, but, it needs to get back down to 10, and has a way to go. It’s slow, and I don’t necessarily need to wait for this one to signal.

F4 is at a -2.5, and I think it is very close, and could give a signal as early as 1 or 2 more days.

F5 is now at a reading of 66. It appears to be falling fast, and needs to get to 40 or lower to signal. I see this indicator getting there in at least 2 more days.

Finally, there is the F6 indicator. It’s also dropping like a rock, and needs to get to at least 18 on its scale at this time, and much more preferably to 10 or lower. It’s reading 31 at this time, and could also signal in as few as 2 more days.

I’ve owned this program for 24 years. I know it well. Almost no one in all the rest of the world has an operating copy of it, besides me. It is approaching a place where it may give a low-risk market entry opportunity signal. This signal could be generated by the program in as little as 2 more days.

What we need to understand is simply this: Supposedly what the metals market is now working and waiting on is the statement out of the Fed on Friday. That statement is said to certainly move the metals market.

If the Fed statement should result in the metals taking off again… it will do so before the program can signal. If the Fed statement should tank the metals market further, it will only work to create an oversold situation in which we could step up and be buyers, as sellers are dumping their shares.

My hope would be this… that the Fed releases some aggressive talk that hurts the metals market, and gives us every opportunity to begin to accumulate more shares, while others are getting spooked and throwing theirs away. That would only be opportunity, not death, to the Bull Market in metals.

I rarely get my way, but I will report precisely what comes of it all, and act accordingly.

Here’s to your accumulation of real wealth!
Harold F Crowell


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