It’s early yet, but here it is, Sunday evening. The metals markets are open overseas, and gold and silver are off some. We should really want for this to trail off some more… at least enough for considerable pessimism to set in, for prices to drop just another % or 2, and for all our timing indicatorsĀ to signal that risk has been wrung out. It’s been good to catch market bottoms before, and my hope is that we can do it again.

So, here’s to the precious metals markets, and the OEXpert 7 Market Timer… May it signal to us a tradable low-risk market entry opportunity. I’ll check back in on the metals trading overseas Monday morning.


It’s Monday morning, 6:35 am EST, and the metals are still off a bit. That’s a good sign. May they continue to do so for just a couple or three more days!

Here’s to your accumulation of real wealth!
Harold F Crowell


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