Have been looking everywhere to try to determine if we are at actual support, and we turn up from here. My personal view is that we are not, and it has not. I believe there’s some more downside to go… but, of course, I could be wrong. That’s the problem with predicting… especially the future. It can be so hard!

So, everything was up yesterday; silver more than gold, but, as it is now Tuesday morning, I see the metals are off overseas. Which is what I truly want to see, as I want to get a good low-risk market entry signal, that I may confidently load up, and recommend you consider doing the same. So, will my own charts help me out here???

First, when the real turn takes place, volume will likely swell… so, I’m looking at those gainers on Monday, but on light volume, such as: CDE, SILJ, FSM, SLW, RGLD, HL, SGDJ, PAAS, SSRI, PVG, SGDM, SLV, GLD, GDX, ABX and AG.

Well, whatayaknow? All 16 were up, and all 16 did so on light volume! The average volume for all of them was off by 29% below the 50-day average volume. This helps me to believe that we may yet still see some more downside, and that, hopefully, we’ll get a solid signal, so as to be able to confidently and aggressively step-up to the plate!


Looking in, as of 10:26 am EST, and the metals are down, as well as the miners. We may well be getting to that place where we want to be. May it come soon!

Here’s to your accumulation of real wealth!
Harold F Crowell


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