It seems the miner, First Majestic Silver, symbol AG, is embroiled in some unnecessary controversy over news reports from a firm that it really should drop some 70-80% because it’s grossly overvalued.

Well, it seems, that of all the symbols I am tracking, AG is the only one that is down today. BUT, I’d bought a bunch more at $11.29 this morning, and I was able to take $11.78 this afternoon, while all this lunacy is swirling around it.

So, besides all the huge gain I had from my very first purchase of AG, and with another intra-day gain of $.49 a share, or 4.34% for just this day… it’s such a simple matter to sell them all, and sidestep whatever else might fall out about it.

I don’t need this drama… there are plenty of other gold and/or silver mining stocks to choose from. I’m down to 15 symbols at this time. I may add something else later… just not today, I don’t think. If you have some, you might want to part with it. I did.

Here’s to your accumulation of real wealth!
Harold F Crowell


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