We’re doing well. We’re in good shape. Don’t give me any credit for anything… I did a bunch of selling on Tuesday, 8/23, just before the smash of Wednesday the 24th. Did I know that was coming… No, I did not, and I explicitly said so.

Then, only yesterday, Thursday, September the 1st, I did some buying… first thing in the morning, the only time that prices were down for the day, and added back to my positions I’d sold off in August.

Did I know that prices would get a big lift today? No, I did not!

I’ve been acting on instinct, and I’ve been acting on whatever knowledge and intelligence I’ve had. In both instances, these things told me to sell and to lighten up some in August… and, again, these things told me that it might make very good sense to add to my holdings yesterday, which I did. They were, in both instances, calculated moves, based upon what I thought were the mitigating circumstances. That’s all.

Right now, they make me look brilliant… but, I must be frank and honest. I was simply lucky, or, perhaps, blessed of the Lord, my God. That’s all I know to attribute it to. It’s not me, and I am as amazed as anyone that this should have all worked out as well as it did.

Does this mean that I will never be a goat? Don’t you believe that!!!

The fun never stops, so here’s what we do next… this initial reaction should result in something of a profit-taking sell-off, by those who were savvy enough to buy in real early. When they do, we will want to buy even more. It’s a bull market, and you buy the dips!

Here’s to your accumulation of real wealth!
Harold F Crowell


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