It’s Monday morning, and 9:00 am EST. The metals are off a bit more this morning. Gold a little, but silver… enough to knock its miners a bit.

I’m tracking prices. I’ve drawn lines at support. And, we’re not there yet.

Support for just about everything is at the lows of Thursday morning of the 1st. Note those lows. If they should be violated, support will have been broken, and bigger selling will take place. You will want to protect capital, and join them.

On the other hand, I’ll update the timer, watch the price support levels, and possibly, if not probably, try stepping up to add to my positions.

Then, if something bad, awful, terrible should happen, I’ll have to bail, and my confidence in the OEXpert 7 Timer will have been badly shaken. So, let’s see how it all goes, as this week is likely to get interesting.

By the way, I’m reading a number who are calling for a much deeper and longer correction… if, they’re right, my timer will have been rendered about worthless, I’d suspect.

Here’s to your accumulation of real wealth!
Harold F Crowell


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