We’re not making any money in gold and silver mining stocks right now. We haven’t for some time. The market in the metals and miners has put in a top. That top commenced as early as July 2, but certainly was begun by August 2. From there, it played out over the next couple of weeks, thru at least August 18. Since then, the metals and miners, after topping, have been in a descent. I’ve drawn lines as to where price support exists… now, pay close attention to this: The longer this market plays out, in a sideways, no profit direction, where participants get bored, get out, and move on to something else… while the price support holds… Ready? It means the better the base being built, and the better the next lift-off will be!

This is typical Bull Market price action. And, as long as we stay with it, and we observe our stops beneath price support, in the event, it should actually fail… we’re going to make a killing! So, what we do here is, we watch and we wait, and we make sure the market price and volume action is still supportive of a bullish opinion. The market speaks to those who know its language, and what it is saying now is: “Go to sleep everyone. Move along. There’s nothing to see here.” And, day by day, as long as price support holds, and shares change hands… they will be going from weak hands to strong, in order to complete the base, and create the ‘launch pad’ from which its next rally will take-off. The longer this base becomes, the better it will be, and rather than sleep… the more interested and excited about it we all should become!

Here’s to your accumulation of real wealth!
Harold F Crowell


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