I mean it. Stocks lifted, after getting a fairly decent signal out of my timer. It wasn’t the greatest signal, but, as someone called them, the Federal open MOUTH Committee members kept spouting off personal opinions in public, and sending them into gyrations… the fools! Metals have been struggling, too. Silver was up a little, gold off a little, and like yesterday, the miners look to be all over the place, with some up, some down, and some of them moved a considerable amount… what is with that?!?!? I need to study the charts, and the timing program indicators. Are we finally about to lift-off?

Gainers that rose on light volume include: SLW, RGLD, SGDJ, SILJ, SLV and SGDM.

Ah, I see some rose on average volume: FSM, PAAS and GDX.

And, look, gainers on big volume! CDE, HL and ABX.

I’ve got decliners on big volume as with: PVG and GLD.

And, losers on average volume: SSRI and AG.

The average volume, among all 16 symbols was virtually right at the average for the past 50 days. I see no consistency here. The one true redeeming value I do see in all of this, and it is big… Price support, where I have drawn it with every issue is holding very well, so far! That is a Bull Market confirmation all by itself.

And, the timer is co-operating, and it is saying that risk is largely wrung out. I think it’s getting near to lifting off. Are you ready?

You could be a buyer now, and put real tight stops on… or, just wait for it to reveal itself. That’s the safer way to go.


So sorry… wrote the above last night, and never posted it! DOH! Friday morning, and metals prices are off a bit as of 7:40 am EST. May be just what we need to put a bottom in place. May price support hold!

Here’s to your accumulation of real wealth!
Harold F Crowell


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