The metals rose a bit. Gold a small amount, and silver considerably more. The miners had a relatively decent outing, as all of mine, but one, are up today. I’m going to guess that volume was light, as it would appear that we are pretty much marking time, or holding our breath, awaiting the Fed blather at 2:15 on Wednesday. Would the charts be saying the same?

So, those that rose, and only on light volume were: SLW, RGLD, CDE, SLV, SGDJ, SILJ, GLD, HL, PAAS, SGDM, SSRI and AG.

Ah, gainers on average volume! FSM and GDX.

We’ve a decliner on light volume in: PVG. ABX did too, but we don’t own it, just track it.

The average volume for all 16 symbols being followed was 20% below the 50-day average. It was a yawner. I would say that I am correct. Nothing much is likely to happen before 2:15 pm EST Wednesday, I suppose. Price support is still in place, and technical look just fine.

I added more shares this morning. It’s a calculated gamble, as anything I know says that it should be relatively safe to do so here. If that should prove to be a mistake, I’ll bail quickly! I did not buy any new company’s stock, but stuck with my earlier choices. I might add something else, if I find it compelling enough. I’ll tell you, if I do.


Oooooo, an updating of the timer would seem to indicate that it is pointing right at the middle of this week as that point in time it may signal once again a low-risk market entry opportunity. It is saying the very same thing for stocks, as well! I’m starting to get excited! Should tomorrow be flat to down, it just might set-up!!! Let’s see what tomorrow will bring.

Here’s to your accumulation of real wealth!
Harold F Crowell


2 thoughts on “Account Shows Green

  1. Maybe ABX went down because of the following:

    •One of Barrick’s biggest gold mines, Veladero in Argentina, has had to suspend operations while a heap leach solution pipe breach is investigated.

    •Barrick subsidiary Acacia mining’s biggest gold mine, Bulyanhulu, has temporarily had to cease mining as a process plant problem is rectified.


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