Everything I know about stocks seems to be applicable to metals. I’ve been a stock market investor since November of ’84. I only jumped on to the precious metals Friday, April 8… of THIS year! So, I’m still a neophyte at this. But, if you’ve read and paid attention, or, if you go back and read everything from the beginning, you know I’ve done just fine.

Wednesday qualifies as a reversal day. The metals and miners rose a good amount, and on expanding volume. That’s all it takes. Now, in order to ‘confirm’ this reversal, the markets need to give us a follow-through day… but, we don’t want to see it Thursday, or too early! Markets that keep rising hard, are overheated, feverish, going parabolic, and are about to crack. If we ever see this, we get OUT!

But, after a reversal day, the markets will pause, take a deep breath, as it were, and say… Really? That’s right, some indecision sets in, as traders decide whether they need to change their bias to bullish and upward. So, for Thursday, we want everything to give something back, but not too much, or on great volume! We want to see some back-and-forth reticence for, ideally now, some 3 to 6 business days.

What we are looking for, and would really like to see, is another big upward move, and again, on big volume, like today… some 4 to 7 business days out. After 7, and especially after 10 days, any such similar move is highly suspect.

So, count them off. We really don’t want too much excitement to enter in just yet, and would best like to see any more to hold off until the 27th, and not after the 30th. Watch for the end of the month. Let’s hope and pray for a similar move on between next Tuesday the 27th and Friday the 30th, without the markets giving back any large amount of Wednesday’s gain, or a big volume downside day.

Got that? That’s the ideal follow-through scenario we would love to see, that would assure us of a true trend-reversal, and of a lot more upside price action to come. O, Lord, please, may it be, I pray You!

Here’s to your accumulation of real wealth!
Harold F Crowell


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