If last Wednesday was truly a new rally lift-off day in price and volume, as it appeared to be, then ideally, we would dearly love to see a confirmation, follow-through day… also in price and on volume. What would that look like? Well, it would like last Wednesday all over again! Will this Tuesday be that day? It’s not looking that way.

Gold and silver have opened and their prices are off a bit as I write at 9:00 am EST. But the metals markets are open ’til 5:00, and then re-open overseas at 6:00. It’ll be a long day. It’s day 4 since the market turned up last Wednesday, and we would ideally like to see it to follow-through for us anytime this week now… if, only it would.

Watch for it, for if it does, and you see it happening, do not hesitate to jump right in with as much as you dare.

If it does not, we will need to reassess over the upcoming weekend, to determine whether the bull market in the metals and miners is at any particular risk. Ready? Good. Now watch and wait, and let us see what will unfold before us.

Here’s to your accumulation of real wealth!
Harold F Crowell


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