The metals closed up, but not by any great amount. The miners fared pretty well, too. I’m wondering if volume was even average… The charts will tell us.

First up, are those that rose on big volume: GLD, SLV, RGLD, PVG, ABX and AG.

Then, I see others up, but on light volume: SGDJ, SILJ and SSRI.

Still others rose on average volume: GDX, HL, SGDM, PAAS, CDE and FSM.

I’ve got one loser, on fairly big volume in SLW.

The average volume for all 16 symbols was up by 19%… good, but not great. I updated the timer, and I’ve got all 7 giving me a signal here. Only one more flat to down day would put them all at about as powerful a signal as I’ve ever seen when I use this for regular common stocks. I would expect that another upturn is immanent; and that we could start to consider what miners we would like to acquire here very shortly… probably within the next week.

Here’s to your accumulation of real wealth!


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