Gold and silver were up a tiny fraction, but the screwy miners closed all over the place. Some up, some down… and, a few even look like they were hurt somewhat significantly. I’m guessing that volume was virtually non-existent. Lets’ go right to the charts for a look-see.

We’ll start with any that rose on some pretty good volume, like: HL, RGLD, PAAS.

Others rose, but volume was light, as with: GLD, SLV.

We’ve got losers on light volume in: GDX, ABX, SGDM, SILJ, SSRI, CDE.

And, losers on average volume, like with: PVG, SLW.

Then, those losers on bigger than average volume, as with: SGDJ, FSM, AG.

Boy, they really are all over the place! The average volume for all 16 was down by 16%, so that was relatively light.

The technical picture is looking like a base, upon a base, upon a base. Really! A third level of higher basing appears to be forming! That is a bullish chart construction, and we’ll continue with it for now.

Here’s to your accumulation of real wealth!
Harold F Crowell


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