Yea, gold was up, and silver was down. Even as I check the afterhours, gold’s up a bit more, and silver’s flat. The miners were mixed, but most were up. What do any of the charts have to say? First off, I haven’t mentioned it in a bit, but the Monday 11/14 prices have held as support for many of the miners, while the metals themselves had broken down… and that’s been something of a plus to date. I want to see if that’s still the case, as I suppose it is…

So, gold rose for a second day, but volume has really dried up for GLD Monday. Silver declined, like I said, but is was also on light volume.

Of the miners, we have gainers on big volume in: HL, SGDM, PVG.

Gainers on average volume in: RGLD, FSM.

And, gainers on light volume: CDE, SSRI, SLW.

Unchanged on light volume was: GDX.

Losers on light volume in: PAAS, ABX, SILJ and AG.

The average volume for all was off quite a bit, down by 29%. I knew it would be as I went through each of the charts.

This market is now pausing. The damage was done last week. The bounce was by no means extraordinary. In fact, it was very weak. There’s nothing to see here today, so we’ll just move along, and await Tuesday.

Here’s to your accumulation of real wealth!
Harold F Crowell


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