So, during the day, Thursday, the metals closed down a bit, but now, overnight and overseas, it’s trading up a bit… but, not as much as it had closed down here in the states on Thursday… meanwhile, the miners had a pretty tough day, even though, when I looked in on them earlier, intraday, they were up a decent amount. So, what gives? We’ll just have to go to the charts and see! At some point, we gotta get a break! Only one was up…

Those that fell on light volume were: GLD and SLV, RGLD, SGDM, PAAS, ABX, GDX, SILJ, CDE, HL, FSM, SSRI, AG and SLW.

PVG was our one gainer, and on light volume, too.

Before I look, I know volume had to be light, and so, as I check on it… I see that it was off by 28% from the 50-day average for all 15 issues. It was another nothing, no conviction, kind of day, and only some weak hands selling out… or, so, we should hope.

Here’s to Friday, the last trading day before Christmas! And, here’s to your accumulation of real wealth!

Harold F Crowell


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