I hope, if you bought anything, that you kept your stops tight, as they are likely to be hit… as this ‘rally’ launch seems to have failed! CAUTION is advised!!!



3 thoughts on “TIGHT Stops?

  1. I could be wrong, but I think there was a lot of profit-taking and some selling for tax purposes (I did the latter) and perhaps some short term traders who did not want to hold over a long weekend. After several days up, short term traders who have been doing the first (profit-taking and the last–not wanting to hold over the weekend). Hopefully that is all it was.


  2. I think it might have been profit-taking; after all metals and miners have been up the past several days. I sold some stocks for tax purposes; others might have also. And shorter term traders might not have wanted to hold the miners, gold, silver, etc., over the long weekend. At least that is what I hope it was. 🙂


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