Was away much of Thursday, and will be all day Friday… so, let me post this much….

The metals are up as of 8:25 am EST Friday. At some point, since they continue to slowly rise, the miners should begin to catch a bid. Conviction should come to this market, and a rally should ensue. Otherwise, we need to see the metals commence a whole new decline, but to a higher low than that of mid-December, so as to reset, and to attract the attention that would come from establishing a head-and-shoulders bottoming price chart pattern.

In any case, we watch it each day, and we are awaiting that time when we can say… All clear, a rally has commenced and been confirmed, and we can aggressively be a buyer, and make some good profit in mining shares of the gold and silver.

I’ll wrap it up later, over the weekend, with a final look at this day’s action.



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