It’s Sunday nite. I just finished the Pittsburgh/Kansas City game, and am looking in on the metals overseas… and, they’re up again, and it’s not a tiny amount. Let’s see what it looks like Monday morning.



3 thoughts on “Sunday Nite

  1. And Friday’s action? What did the volumn say? BTW, VP software has silver up. CDE, HL are up, up , up; PAAS and SLW in an up, up, down mode. SLV is up, down, back up. They look at near, medium (a few days out) and longer as their 3 projections.

    Cameco is up, up, up also (uranium).


  2. Harold, for metals sometimes great but not always. It does better in other areas. The main thing is dislike is that they do not track all the stocks I would like. And some, like MUX are in the Canadian areas (which you have to buy) but not in the US, though it should track the same. I have suggested they make it available in the US stock area, but they have not done so, even though they agreed it should track the same. When they offered me basically the rest of the stocks that I have not subscribed to for $2000 more, I did not accept because there is a lot I don’t follow and therefore don’t wish to pay for it just to get MUX and a few others I do follow.

    When I have used their projections on other areas (other than gold and PM), I have done pretty well. My feelings are that gold and PM are harder for them to project using their very sophisticated methods than just using your approach of price and volume, P3 and other info I have. However, it is nice to see them confirm what I am seeing.


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