I loved the game, and the miraculous come from behind win by the Pats. Drove others right over the edge! Hahaha. Someone noted that at NO time, not for one second, did the Pats lead during the game, but still won it anyway!!!

Anyway, the metals had a good day, and the miners did, too. But, I’m really curious if they’re attracting any attention yet, after all this gain since 12/23. Let’s chart each one and see…

Though my trading account still holds a goodly cash position, my miners holdings have driven that account ahead by 17.7% since the year started, and my overall portfolio value has hit a new all-time high. My real goal is a growing portfolio dividend income, but that’s on my other blog. The trading account in these miners is more for personal retirement play purposes.

PVG rocketed ahead on huge volume to a new all-time high. I’ll need to check the news… perhaps it was an earnings report, or a buyout offer? I’ll post what I learn at the end. Also up on big volume: SSRI, SILJ, FSM.

Gainers on average volume were: AG, SGDM, CDE, GDX, RGLD, SLV and GLD.

And, gainers on light volume: PAAS, ABX, SLW, HL.

I’m guessing volume was only about average, and that the volume under PVG may have been nothing in particular, since 3 others also had large volume spikes… so, what are the facts?

Average volume for all 15 was 6% under the 50-day average for them all! And, no news on PVG, unless the news dated Friday the 3rd was announced after the close, and had any real bearing on Monday’s trading… something I am not able to determine. So, I may have been correct on both counts… pretty much average volume, and no particular reason to account for the move up in PVG… it would seem.

I am grateful, however, as my miner holdings have generated a lot of gains in my trading account to date. The question will be, as it always is… how much will I end up getting to keep?!?!?

Here’s to your accumulation of real wealth!
Harold F Crowell


2 thoughts on “Money Monday!

  1. Here is the reason: “P.S. Just to close the circle — yes, Louis James was also pitching Pretium back in the Spring of 2015 as one of his “top 7” mining stocks that he thought had vertical potential. It has roughly doubled since (the GDXJ ETF is up 75%), and is up a good 10% today — most similar miners are also up (GDXJ is up 3%), but the size of that move is probably mostly due to the impact of that current “Red Gold” teaser ad. ” I have quoted The Stock Gumshoe, who was explaining a teaser from Casey Research. But also note that two weeks ago a Seeking Alpha article said PVG should be re-evaluated. It has over 8 million oz at 16 g/ton. That is a super deposit.


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