Friday’s here. The markets are closed, and the week was all over the place… and made little, to NO, sense. But, that’s okay. We’re here to watch it everyday, and to be ready to jump aboard when the real move presents itself. It will do so in 2 ways. One: The price will commence to leap. And, Two: Volume will begin to swell massively. That’s not what we’ve been seeing. So, let’s chart our 15 symbols and see what there is to see.

Since all but one rose, and that one stayed even, I’m going to include it among those that rose on average volume: PVG, FSM, GDX, SLV.

While these rose on light volume: AG, PAAS, ABX, SGDM, HL, SLW, RGLD.

Some even gained on greater-than-average volume: SSRI, SILJ, GLD and CDE.

My first instinct is that the volume was light overall… and a check on the average volume for all 15 shows that it was only off by almost 10%, which is close enough to normal average volume. This market is not attracting any great deal of attention, and is not exactly tradable. It’s lifted since the 12/15-12/23 bottom, but never with conviction.

Here’s to your accumulation of real wealth!
Harold F Crowell


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