I see no need to write every day. I will watch every day, and I will post as I see fit, but as you certainly know… this market has been cold and boring for some time. The recent ‘advance’ since a low was put in 12/15 thru 12/23 is not anything of real interest yet, and I suspect that it won’t for a while yet… so, I will write whenever it does, and I will also check in, and make some pertinent remarks as they might seem necessary. I don’t want to write needlessly and bore you myself. Don’t panic though… whenever a real rally takes off, and it’s a good opportunity to jump in and make some trading profit… I’ll light this blog up!

Metals closed down today, as did all the miners, but they are still well within their current recent uptrend. I’d rather they declined, reset all their technicals, and gave us a real good launching signal of a lift-off of greater than 1%, on some really big volume, preferably more than 50% above their typical 50-day average volume… a nice spike.

Here’s to your accumulation of real wealth!
Harold F Crowell


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