So, now it’s Tuesday morning, and the metals are up a bit overnight overseas… will this be the beginning of the end of this most recent slide, or will it resume after New York opens at 9:30 am EST?

I had said a number of times that this last ‘rally’ of sorts, from out of the 12/15 thru 23 bottom, up to what is now the 2/8 top was never considered real, or serious, by traders. It was completely overlooked, as it rose all that time.

Perhaps the consolidation, now correction, that has set in the past 3 weeks, will run its full course, and we can get a real rally going; as long as the December lows do not get taken out, and the next lift-off should take prices past the Wednesday, 2/8 top.

A move like that ought to generate some serious interest… you would think.



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