I have been saying that we look to be at a place of price support, and sure enough… at least for today, the metals and miners gave some evidence that they were trying to hold on here. There was something of a reversal, and even some volume involved, too.

It could be said, if you are the braver sort, that you could do some buying right here… put a tight stop under it, and you MIGHT be catching a bottom.

I’m not going to do that, but any relatively nimble trader could, with some of their capital, and I’d say that they should. But, it’s only necessary that the same trader, if they are nimble, keep a tight stop, and sell immediately, if this support should not hold, and their stop price be violated.

Monday morning may actually be different enough, that such a trade plan might be rendered useless… I’ll look at that then.

Until Monday morning!



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