Say what you will… I thought that I had identified a price support level last week, and the market started to reverse off of that to the upside. Tuesday was an ugly day for the miners… not so bad for the metals.

I last wrote that I would look to see if that support had failed… and, it did not. It held. It wasn’t even violated.

And, now, as of 6:18 am EST Wednesday morning, the metals prices are up overseas. Let’s see if this might translate into anything later today, after the Fed speaks. It just might be able to mount a rally yet… don’t give up hope!



One thought on “Still Holding!

  1. Thanks Harold.

    After your talk at VV User Group meeting I was watching NUGT in particular. Like you I think I sense a turning point but would like more confirmation.

    And yes, let’s see what the FED does but 1/4 point seems to be guaranteed. But nothing in life is guaranteed…..

    Dick Stagnone


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