MOST interesting! The metals closed up a bit, and the miners did better… however, after the close, I see a number of our miners have had their Bids raised higher than their last trade, or closing price. There is aftermarket demand there!

Before tomorrow’s open, I’m going to give serious study to the charts again, and am going to consider taking a small speculative position in the 3X ETF, NUGT. I may find no justification for doing so, or I may consider that since Thursday has been day 1, Friday was day 2, and Monday has been day 3, that the hope might be that within the days 4 thru 7 window, a real confirmation rally might kick-off… and, if it does not by the conclusion of day 10, which would be the end of Wed the 29th, I’d probably bail, and take whatever gain or loss I had by then… maybe. Until Tuesday morning!


Pffft! It’s about 10:40 pm EST, and any gains the metals acquired today are all gone overseas! I’ll check the charts in the morning, but I’ll almost certainly not be taking any position….



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