I’ve not been writing. I said what needed to happen… and, nothing’s been happening. This is Friday. The metals popped back on Wednesday, March 15. Thursday was day 1, Friday day 2, Monday day 3, Tuesday day 4, Wednesday day 5, Thursday day 6, and now, here we are… it’s Friday day 7. If the market is not going to react with a confirming, follow-through rally, then the pop of last Wednesday probably does not contain the meaning that I had hoped.

There’s 3 more days to go; Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday the 29th, before we actually capitulate, and just throw in the towel, saying… we’re not going to get the rally we wanted… again, maybe. Only in that case, it becomes much more of a certainty.

So, we continue to watch and to wait. I’m glad now I didn’t try to get bold, and step up before I had better assurances. I’ll bring a weekend wrap-up, with a look at all 16 charts next, if nothing else should take place.

Here’s to your accumulation of real wealth!
Harold F Crowell


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