You cannot ignore this. If you have an interest in making money in these markets, it’s likely an opportunity to get on board. But, first, what do the charts say? Nearly all are up, and the gains are okay… but, if I understand correctly, and I do not know this… it may be that the better part of the movement in the metals prices took place after the stock market closed? I need to look into this!

In any case, a quick run thru the charts says they lifted on only 4% better than average volume, and the average increase among the 16 symbols was .52%. But, like I said, I saw a big bump in the metals prices, and I saw that some of my miners had a Bid after the close that was higher than the last trade, which tells me that something likely happened after the market’s close, as the Bid after the close is almost always considerably lower than the price of the Last Trade.

So, look for news. I suspect there is some, and if whatever is happening has not much abated, we may have the catalyst for a real rally move in the metals and the miners.

I’ll get back to this and look deeper, but I must be out this evening for awhile.



6 thoughts on “Another Bump for Metals Prices?

  1. My apologies for the partial post, my Granddaughter messed around.

    VV signaled NUGT a buy.

    Trump did an interview with WSJ and said he thinks the US $ is too strong. That lead to a sharp decline in the US $ and a rise in Gold.

    DJI also declined today.

    Reminder, market is closed Friday.


  2. Yes, read on one of my news sources Trump talked down our $. And, Good Friday, markets are closed in observance of the sacrifice on our behalf, by the Savior of Himself, for all our sins! That was Friday… But, Sunday’s coming!!! Thanks, Harold


  3. NUGT is tearing it up. What precious metal is a lager which might catch up in the coming weeks ?

    I notice that USLV isn’t increasing at the same rate as NUGT. Will USLV be the next to catch fire ?

    If not, what will ?


  4. Don’t know, and can’t say. I purposely relegate myself to these 16 symbols, but I have been wanting to go back to the well and to possibly consider some others… just had no time. Harold


  5. No doubt! Then, there’s Syria, Russia, Iran… China and North Korea. The Perez is standing UP, and saying America is back… so, all the rest of you, cut out the B.S., or we will take strong action in our own interests and defense! Harold


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