Monday, 4/17  8:22 am EST. On the advice of a friend, last Thursday evening… open each post with a “Time Stamp”. I said… “Good idea. Okay. I will.”

Can’t believe I haven’t posted since Wednesday, but I only missed Thursday because Friday the markets were closed. I had to be out to a monthly investors’ club meeting Thursday evening… and, we had family company come in for the Easter celebration of the resurrection of the Savior on Sunday… 20 for dinner!

Something’s up. Most likely it’s all the news, as it relates to Syria, North Korea, China, Russia, Iran, etc. There’s a flight to safety going on. Money is coming out of riskier stocks and going into bonds, utilities, consumer non-durables and… the metals. As things settle, if a true rally does not kick-off, I would expect money to move away from the metals, and back into risk-on type stock investments. But, I will look at the charts asap to see if there’s anything of particular interest to report from the most recent trading days.



2 thoughts on “Muzzled Monday?

  1. I took a position in NUGT on Thursday in anticipation of a North Korean nuke test which didn’t happen.

    Gold got a bump this morning but Dow was going up so I took a decent profit as North Korea appears to holding back.


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