Tuesday 4/18 8:56 am EST. Nothing. Monday was nothing. I went right thru all the charts. They were mixed. A few up, most down. Volume was mixed as well. Some were very light. Some were a little light. Some were average, and some were above average.

All-in-all, an average of the volume for all symbols was off 21%. It was a nothing, nowhere day.

We have something of a trend intact, however. That trend is of higher highs, and higher lows. The last low revolves around the 3/8 thru 3/15 dates, and is in place with very little volume behind the last best bump upward, which took place Wednesday 3/15. Measures of this market’s risk now read high, and it could, perhaps, back off some, so as to wring that risk out… as the last post also explained from another’s perspective, with which I agreed.

I’ll be away until later Wednesday… and, may not get back here until Thursday. So, don’t be the least bit alarmed.



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