Tuesday, 4/25 9:27 am EST. Not much is going on. The French election results gave back a whole new “risk-on” scenario, and so money flew out of the metals, and back into stocks.

Two things can be said about Monday’s stock burst. First, the pop was not on any great volume, and; second, there wasn’t a lot of participation. Or, in other words, my favorite kind of stock, which I call Safe-Dividend Growers were not particularly favored in the move.

Beyond that, it was based upon one geo-political event, which is not the best reason, or foundation, for a rally in any case, usually… so, it could all come undone rather easily, truth be told.

I’ll watch. I’ll wait. And, I’ll update the timer, to watch for the wringing out of market risk. Hopefully a low-risk entry scenario will play out for us, and we will also see technical price support levels to hold, that we might have good reason to consider looking for, and participating in, another great precious metals rally for large gains.



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