Friday, 5/5 12:18 pm EST. FWIW, the metals have hardly moved, but some of our 16 symbols for miners, ETF mining share funds, and our royalty firms are having one heck of a relief rally underway, as of this moment. Care to play it? Go ahead. Give it a shot. It might be worth something, as the indicators were looking pretty good as of last night.

If I am going to, I’m going to wait until there’s something by way of confirmation from some of the technical indicators before I might commit anything to the trade.

I don’t have to do this, so I don’t want to speculate needlessly, or crazily. I don’t need the thrill. It’s enough for me if I’ve made a good call.



5 thoughts on “You’re Asking Me?

  1. Harold Thought it interesting the $US index is on the verge of a breakdown on it’s daily chart. Should bode well for miners & metals you’d think. Dr. Bob


  2. Good points, all of them. I already own some miners; I will wait before buying any more. Those that I hold are long term already.


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