Wednesday 5/10 4:27 pm EST. Metals slightly mixed, with gold down, and silver up. But the miners did quite well! What’s up with that?

All the symbols are green/up, but GLD. Let’s check all the charts, but note what they say, in general.

Prices rose, and, in the main, volume improved a bit, too. This is a plus. It’s a positive. But, it’s a case of where the miners are leading the metals. And that means that the metals are expected to turn, to justify the end of the bloodletting in the miners.

I’ll update the timer, but since GLD closed even lower, the signal to be generated should be even better!


6:06 pm EST. If the timer is good on gold, the price is between its two lower trading bands and has signaled. F1 is at 2, and it has signaled. F2 is at -6 and signals. F3 is at 4. That’s a signal. F4 is at -6, and that’s a signal. F5 is now right at 40, and it has just joined the camp with that number. F6 is down to 1, and that’s a signal. As of today, all 7 indicators within the OEXpert 7 Timing Program have now given an all-clear, risk is wrung out signal.



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