Friday, 5/12 9:11 am EST. Was away for a monthly investors meeting last night. Fascinatingly, of the 25 or so present, 3 mentioned they’d JUST gone long with NUGT on the basis of any kind of trading system signals they use. A 4th said he also got a signal with his system, but had not acted on it.

Metals are getting a decent lift this morning… expect some more of the same today, I suppose. The Xpert called it, as did whatever systems those 4 last night employ. A trading position in NUGT might be a great way to go. I’ll probably await some further confirmation yet, as I’m just too busy with other matters to get involved at this time.

Work was never a bother… but, I think this retirement stuff just might KILL me!!! LOL



2 thoughts on “Last Day of the Week

  1. I was not able to attend the meeting last night but I too went long into NUGT mid morning yesterday.

    VV moved NUGT from Sell to Hold.

    Retirement getting in the way of making $$$ ? I say the same thing about my Day Job as not yet retired.

    Thanks for the info.


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