Monday 5/15 8:58 am EST. The metals are up. The trade is on. If you acted on the call about the middle of last week, you may have been a buyer. I did not, but I was looking for confirmation. As I don’t see the volume to support this ‘rally’ and call it real, I am reticent to make a large commitment.

That’s okay though… understand, I have no need to become an aggressive trader, and take risks. I’m perfectly well situated enough, that I’d rather I was strongly convinced first, before I jumped in.

As of a post since Thursday night, I said I attended a monthly meeting of investors and traders, and that at least 3 had just entered trades in NUGT, as a result of signals from their own respective trading systems, that signaled just as my own did… they’re going to be plenty happy, as, no doubt, they are looking at gains of at least 10% since their purchase, when the markets open in a half hour.

More about what I’m looking for to get me to commit later.


Briefly, it’s 9:06 am… I just reread all I’d written since last Monday, May 8. They’re short, but we were spot-on with our call. It’s all there.



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