Thursday, June 1, 4:47 pm EST. I registered a low-risk entry point right around the most recent low of 5/4 thru 5/9. Since then the metals and miners have risen, but not much, and on no volume.

I just updated the timer and it’s pretty much saying that momentum has been spent, and that this ‘rally,’ which I never liked, is probably about over… barring any outside forces due to some extraordinary bit of news.

All the indicators in the timer, F1 thru F6, are registering high risk since the lows of almost a month ago.

With common stocks breaking out into new highs, the attention is likely to be there for a bit now anyways.

We will keep watching and waiting for our new day in the sun………


5:21 pm EST. Looking at the charts, we saw a recent peak after the 5/4 thru 9 low at 5/17. It’s been petering out since. Volume has been drying up, too. Today’s was 47% below the 50-day average. We’re being lulled into a deep sleep. But, I’m not going to ignore it. I’ll keep watching, and I’ll keep waiting. Our day will come, and we will be there when it does… it just ain’t this day is all!



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