Wednesday, June 7, 9:23 pm EST. The metals had done nothing last night. They declined some today… and they’re off a bit more this evening overseas. Time to sit back down and take a deep breath. I wasn’t of an opinion this was going to work just yet anyways, and it appears that is the case.

Ideally, I’d like, very much, to see things settle back down in price in such a way as to give me another good low-risk entry signal. As, I am of an opinion that we are going to see a good launch in the not-too-distant future. And, I hope I am able to ‘see it’ presciently, so as to give everybody a heads-up, get ready.

In fact, watch for what I post next!



2 thoughts on “Just As I Had Figured…

  1. Still several charts look good from a P3 perspective and the following are the only charts from Vantage Point that are all positive and in an up trend, ACH, AAPL, ABX, CDE. GG, NEM, AUY, and DB agric. (I realize all are not miners and even ACH is aluminum, not PMs). Still, it is some positive information that the bull market for gold and silver might resume.



  2. I’m in agreement that the bull market might resume for gold and silver. I’m even of an opinion it’s right out in front of us. I hope to catch it when it actually resumes. Thank you, Harold


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